Updating the Religion

Since the advent of life on earth, there have been constant changes occurring from one time to another. These changes have come about naturally as well as manmade in order for the survival as well as betterment of the earthlings as a whole. These changes have helped us to survive under different conditions with the advent of time. A few very basic examples of such changes are-Natural Changes-• Earth cooled down and then only life forms came into existence• Hydrocarbons -> Single celled organisms• Single celled organisms -> Bi cellular -> Multi cellular Complex organisms like us.• Prehistoric Man -> Modern Man• Increase in cranial capacity of human beings.Man Made Changes-• From being Naked -> Wearing clothes• From being single dweller -> Becoming a social dweller

• From only hunting -> Inclusion of Farming• Petting of animals for companionship and security• Trying to find better means of living• From letters -> Telegrams -> Phones -> Mobile phones -> Smart Phones• From walking all the time -> Inventing the wheel -> Carts -> Animal pulled carts -> Motor vehicles -> RocketsAnd so on, the list is endlessAll the above changes were for one and only reason – “To make our lives better”It doesn’t means that the old things were not good or bad, it just means that they were outdated or were at a point that there was a potential to upgrade them and make them more time specific. The basics of life are still the same, the lifestyle has been updated a bit.Talking in terms of today’s world, everyone has a smart phone or a computer system. When you use it for some time you find that it gives a message for a potential update of the software which is available. We click on it instantly because we don’t want to lag behind. The machinery of the phone is still the same the software however got upgraded for better functioning.Now when we all encounter this everyday why do we get blinded when it comes to religion?Religion is something that has been around for thousands of years, agreedReligion teaches us good things, agreedBut why can’t we understand that each and every religion is a set of rules that were given to the followers to behave in a particular set of way that were deemed correct by the knowledgeable people to live together in peace and harmony in that society.Why do we bring religion before humanity? The very proof that humans came before any religion is that there are so many religions in this world with different ideologies whereas the basic biological composition of humans is same throughout.

Why do we not try and update the belief system as well? Why not set the rules as per today’s world and society. Keep the basics of your religion alive but at least try and update the software as per the world of 21st century. We blindly follow what anyone who has a certain say in terms of religion. I can bet on this, if everyone starts to follow religion rationally then all these businesses that are established in the name of God, would die within a week, all the wrong doings going on in the name of religion would curb and people would find them much more strengthened and confident. Rationality can make this world a better place.But then again how many can put Rationality and Religion in the same sentence?